In January 2022 we will start with new set of workshops and wheelthrowing lessons. Read more in WORKSHOPS and get to know the Instructors

I have a long history with glassmaking, and working with ceramics is relatively new medium for me. I throw my first cup in in 2016, when i was studying at Penland school of crafts, and I was immediatly hooked. Now 4 years later i am developing my own production line which includes porcelain and glass.

I am currently working mainly on my master thesis, where i study translucency and plasticity in porcelain. I am creating my own recipes and i try to understand how i can increase the plasticity and translucency in porcelain, so it supports my artistic work.

The time that i have left from my thesis work, its used to develop my production line, webshop and preparing to open the gallery shop at my studio in Almada, Portugal. The gallery shop will open in may 2021. The goal is to have the webshop running very soon too. You can already now order some Brandt-art products through the SHOP in the main menu, or click here SHOP

Although the webshop is not yet up and running, i am already taking orders in. So feel free to contact me in case you have questions or want to know more.


In october 2020, i found this beautiful space which i can now call my atelier. I was able to move my balcony studio into this amazing space in Almada, and it has more than enough room for me and even a terrace!! Once i am settled in, there will be a tiny gallery boutique which will be open for public. I will also host workshops and rent work space for artists. Stay tuned or contact me, in case you want to know more.